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Anytime Eggs

CHORIZO AND EGG BURRITO Submitted by Shrimp Ceviche
CHORIZO AND EGG BURRITO Submitted by Shrimp Ceviche
This simple Mexican dish can be served up anytime of the day. It is usually made for breakfast. With practice cooking this dish, other ingredients can be added such as, tomatoes, onions, peppers (any kind).


1 tablespoon Chorizo 2 medium eggs

Nutritional information

Calories 297; Protein 20 g; Carb 0; fat 30 g


Spray medium cold pan with cooking oil lightly. Heat pan on medium with 1 tablespoon of Chorizo sausage without casing. As it begins to sizzle (2-3 min.) smash it with a fork. Break 2 medium size eggs in pan and scramble until done.