Avocado Bread

Indian Style bread made with Avocado




2 avocado 2 cups wheat flour 1 teaspoon. ginger-garlic paste Handful of cilantro 1-2 green chili Salt to taste Butter

Nutritional information

Cholesterol 0%, Carbs 1%, fiber 14%, fat 8%, Protein 6%


Mash the avocados and add ginger-garlic paste, salt and cilantro, green chili paste. If required mix all of the ingredients in a mixer. Add this paste to the wheat flour and mix well. Add required water, as needed to make it a soft dough. Dough should not be loose and not very firm. It should be a soft dough to be able to make balls to roll. Make 8 equal balls. Roll them with rolling pin as a flat bread. Heat a pan and put the bread on the pan. Heat it until done on one side and reverse it to heat the other side. Grease the bread with butter as required. Once done, take it off from the pan. Repeat this for all the 8 breads. Have it with any curry or just yogurt.