Mini Frisco Melt Bite Sliders

Super yummy Mini Frisco Melt Bite Sliders! Easy to make and great to enjoy! :)


Varies depending on how many you want to make.


Swiss cheese
American cheese
Thousand Island
Sourdough bread

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Roll hamburger in meatball (one "bite" portion) size.
2. Thoroughly cook the hamburger balls in your preference of oil in a skillet. Salt and pepper season to taste.
3. Cut a few slices of sourdough bread into smaller (slider bun) "bite" sized portions.
4.Placed a piece (you have to cut it to fit the smaller "buns") of swiss cheese on the sourdough bread.
5.Next place a hamburger meatball.
6.Next place a piece of american cheese on top of the meatball.
7.Drizzle a little 1000 Island dressing over the american cheese.
8.Top with a little lettuce and tomato. (Both are optional)
9.Lastly place a top piece of sourdough and enjoy!