Mamma Falcone’s Stuffed Artichokes

When I was a boy growing up in Southern California my mother would make this unusual dish on special occasions. It was really a treat for me, my brother & dad. You will enjoy the beautiful mixture in combination with what I call a very bland & dull vegetable. The ingredients compliment each other like a beautiful relationship in a dish everyone will love. Serves: 6 to 8 adults. Thanks Mom…


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6 to 8 Artichokes, extra large. 1 24 oz. (1-lb, 8-ozs) Plain bread crumbs. 1 Head Garlic, medium to large, cleaned, & chopped small. 1 Onion, large, chopped small to fine. juice of 1 lemon Salt to taste, usually ½ teaspoon. ¾ - Cup extra virgin Olive oil. 5 Tbsp fresh Parsley, chopped fine, add last minute of browning ½ Cup Chardonnay 1 teaspoon. Black Pepper, ground course. ½ teaspoon. White pepper. A few large Basil leaves for garnish.

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Directions for completed recipe: The quickest way, & for best results, use a 12-qt pressure cooker. Cooking time will only be 20-minutes from time of 15-psi. (Pounds per Square Inch) If no pressure cooker, use a deep dish roasting pan. Instructions below. What to do & How to do it: Wash all artichokes in cold water thoroughly. Drain upside down for 5-minutes. 1. With a sharp knife cut the bottoms of the artichoke Flat. They need to stand upright without leaning. 2. With utility scissors cut each leaf ¼ of the way down, measure from the top down. Cut the tips off. Set artichokes aside. 3. In a large heavy-duty cast iron skillet, on high heat add olive oil, & heat oil, 1-minute. Then, add: garlic, onions, lemon juice, salt & white pepper. Saute for 3- minutes. On high heat. 4. Add a generous splash of hearty chardonnay. Shake skillet & stir well. Saute another 2-minutes. 5. Add bread crumbs, & mix until brown. 6. Add parsley the last minute of browning, Mix well. Don't burn bottom of mixture. Let cool for ten minutes. Stir often even though the skillet is off. Skillet is still very Hot. 7. With above mixture, using latex gloves, stuff each leaf with the sauteed breadcrumbs. Pack the bread crumb mixture into each leaf. This takes a little time & is hard work so have a glass of wine & enjoy yourself. How often do you find yourself packing & stuffing artichoke leafs? 8. When you're done stuffing each artichoke, open the top of each artichoke & stuff the breadcrumb mixture down the top of the artichoke. Are we having fun yet? 9. When you’re done stuffing all the artichokes & you have left over breadcrumbs, stuff them again. Stuff, Stuff, Stuff & Stuff again. Use all of the breadcrumb mixture up. Or most of it. Save the left over breadcrumbs to sprinkle over sauteed vegetables, roasted chicken, fish, etc. It freezes well. Pressure Cooker Instructions: 1. Add 1-cup water in the bottom of the pressure cooker, PC, place thin rack into the bottom of PC. You don't want the artichokes standing in water; just above the water. Arrange all artichokes inside PC. Make sure water level is at the base of artichokes. Put the sealed lid on . Cook on med to high heat until PC is on highest pressure setting, 15-psi, and then lower heat according to your PC instructions. 2. Cook 20-minutes from time of 15-psi setting. Follow you PC Instructions. Deep Dish Roasting Pan Instructions: 1. Steam all artichokes for 30-minutes, before stuffing. Stuff & roast @ 375` F. cover with foil for the first 30-minutes. Remove foil & cook until golden brown & artichokes are tender. Check frequently for brownness. Total time; 1- hr plus