Chicken Cheese Ball

Chicken Cheese Balls Submitted by Chicken Cheese Balls
Chicken Cheese Balls Submitted by Chicken Cheese Balls
This is a wonderful appetizer to cook with your kids.


About 10-15 Chicken Cheese Balls


Chicken- 1, Medium size thigh Cheese, Parmesan- ⅓ cup Carrot- 1 small Potato-1 medium size Shallots- 3 Egg- 1 Bread crumbs Salt and pepper, to taste

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Step 1: Cook chicken, carrot and potato by adding salt and pepper. Step 2: Heat a large pan and saute minced shallots. When shallots start to turn brown add all cooked ingredients in the pan and mix for another 3 more minutes. Step 3: Now grind all the ingredients together in a blender, like the way we make minced chicken. Step 4: Add cheese to the ground ingredients and make small sized balls. Step 5: Beat egg in a small bowl and add chicken cheese balls into beaten egg and then roll them in bread crumbs. Step 6: Heat oil in a pan and fry chicken cheese balls until they turn golden brown color. Serve warm with mayonnaise or ketchup.