Breaded Turkey Zucchini Patties


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1 lb ground turkey ½ cup finely shredded zucchini ½ cup shredded cheese 1½ cup of panko breadcrumbs 1½ cups of vegetable oil Batter 1 Egg 8 teaspoons cold water 4 tablespoons of flour Seasonings Salt Pepper ½ teaspoon seasoning salt ½ teaspoon garlic powder (optional)

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1. Combine ground turkey, shredded zucchini and shredded cheese then season to taste. Mix well 2. Take about 1 teaspoon full of the mix and create small patties. Place them on a plate and cover them with wax paper and place in the refrigerator to chill and firm up for about 30 minutes. The firming not absolutely necessary but I find it makes the patties easier to handle when putting into the batter and panko bread crumbs. Note I used the following method to create my patties for this recipe. Wax paper roll method: • Tear off a piece of wax paper about 12 inches long. • Take mixture from the bowl and form it into a rough sausage shape. • Place on the wax paper about 5 inches from the end. • Place the end of the wax paper over the turkey roll leaving a short edge you will use to hold on to. • With a cutting board place it against the roll on top of the wax paper and pull to form a tight even roll. • Then roll up in the remainder of the wax paper and stick it in your freezer to chill and firm up for about 20 minutes. • Once chilled remove wax paper and place on a cutting board. With a very sharp knife cut off even slices about ½ inch thick. 3. Once the patties are chilled make the batter and in another bowl put the panko bread crumbs for breading the patties. 4. Combine the egg, cold water and flour in a bowl and mix well. Also this is the time to turn on your skillet to heat the oil. Note I did not give a temperature amount for the oil because I know that every cook surface is different. I place mine to medium heat and that worked for me. Please experiment with one patty to check to see if you temperature is right. 5. Dip the patty into the batter covering it and then place it in a bowl filled with the panko bread crumbs. 6. Cover the patties with the bread crumbs and set them aside on wax paper the set. 7. Place no more than 3 patties in at a time so as there is not a significant drop in the temperature of the oil. 8. Fry to a golden brown. Let cool and serve.