Beef Cheese Ball


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2 packs lite cream cheese 3 packs chipped beef like Budding (chopped finely) ½ small onion minced Dash garlic powder

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In food processor chop beef. Remove ⅔ of it and place on plastic wrap. Then add onion and mince. Add cream cheese and garlic and mix. Shape into football shape. Chill 1 to 2 hours or overnight until firm.

Arrange on platter with crackers. Squeeze sour cream on top in stitch pattern to make look like football; sprinkle platter with chopped parsley.

TIP: Cheese Ball can be wrapped in plastic wrap for easier carrying. Garnishes can be stored in small plastic bags.

Bring scissors to snip corner off of bag to squeeze on sour cream. You can make this as small or as big as you like. Just adjust your amounts of ingredients.