Asparagus Appetizers

Yummy, easy appetizer. They can be made ahead except or broiling, frozen, and then broil frozen.


makes approx. 64


1 loaf white sandwich bread 8 oz. cream cheese softened 1 egg 2 sticks butter melted 4 oz. crumbled blue cheese 1 can asparagus spears, drained toothpicks

Nutritional information

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Trim crusts off bread. Roll bread slices thin with rolling pin. Mix 1 egg with softened cream cheese and blue cheese. Spread on bread, put an asparagus spear on each piece and roll up each piece jellyroll style. Secure with toothpicks. Cut each piece of bread in half or thirds - your preference. dip in melted butter, broil under broiler and serve. Good warm or cold. Even asparagus eaters love it. Sometimes I add prosciutto to it. Yummy!