4 Cheese Chicken Quesadilla

Submitted by 4 Cheese Chicken Quesdilla
Submitted by 4 Cheese Chicken Quesdilla


Makes 4 9-inch Quesadillas


1 small dried chipotle pepper – rehydrated then chopped 1 ear corn – grilled then removed from cob ½ red bell pepper 1 Poblano pepper – chopped ½ cup scallions – chopped ½ can black beans – drained & rinsed ⅓ cup cilantro – chopped 4 9-inch whole wheat tortillas 1 lb. free range chicken – marinated, grilled and chopped

Chicken - cut into strips then marinate overnight in: • Fresh lime juice (2-3 limes) • Zest from 1 lime • Salt & pepper

Cheeses – 4 types, 1 cup each 1. Parrano: aged cow’s milk from Holland 2. Canestrato: sheep’s milk from the Puglia region in Italy 3. Barber’s Vintage Cheddar: aged a min of 2 years from England 4. Brie Tour De Marze: French double crème brie. Easiest to shred when slightly frozen

Guacamole 4-5 Haas avocados – peeled and smashed 2 Roma tomatoes – diced 1-2 jalapenos – chopped small ½ green bell pepper – chopped small 2 limes – squeezed 1 tablespoon. fresh cilantro – chopped ⅓ green onion – chopped 3 teaspoon. cumin 2 teaspoon paprika Salt & pepper

Sour Cream Sauce 1 cup sour cream 2 tablespoon cumin Fresh lime juice from 2 limes 2 teaspoon. freshly ground pepper Chopped scallions for garnish

Pineapple Sriracha Sauce ½ pineapple ½ cup Sriracha sauce ⅓ cup agave nectar

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Quesadillas 1. Marinate chicken overnight in fresh lime juice, zest, salt and pepper 2. Shred all 4 cheeses then combine together and set aside 3. Grill the marinated chicken until cooked through, approximately 7-8 minutes 4. Grill the corn-on-the-cob until grill marks appear around entire cob 5. Grill Poblano pepper lightly, about 2-3 minutes 6. Remove the Poblano pepper skins then chop and set aside 7. Slice the grilled marinated chicken into small strips, about ½ inch thick and 1 inch long, set aside 8. Remove the corn from the cob and set aside 9. Chop chipotle pepper, bell pepper, and scallions. Combine in 1 bowl and set aside 10. Chop cilantro and set aside 11. Heat a medium-size skillet with 2 tablespoons coconut oil 12. Combine black beans, chipotle pepper, bell pepper, and scallions in skillet over medium heat. Cook 2-3 minutes, until pepper become slightly translucent 13. Add corn, poblano pepper and chicken to skillet – just to re-heat ingredients, approximately 1 minute 14. Preheat another skillet, flat-top grill, or gas/charcoal grill to medium heat 15. To assemble and cook each quesadilla: a. place one tortilla on the skillet or grill b. Add approximately 1 cup of combined shredded cheese to 1 half of side of tortilla c. Add cooked ingredients plus a pinch of cilantro to other half or side of tortilla d. Cook on each side approximately 2-3 minutes, cheese should be melted and light grill marks on the outside of the tortilla

Guacamole 1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix/mash until creamy consistency (or less if lumpy consistency is desired)

Sour Cream Sauce 1. Add all ingredients, except scallions, in a bowl and mix until combined 2. Garnish with scallions

Pineapple Sriracha Sauce 1. Add all ingredients to a blender or food processor and mix until smooth texture 2. Sauce can be inserted into a squeeze bottle for garnishment on quesadilla