Shrimp and Vegetables

Cuisinart original

Light and simple – this dish goes from freezer to table
in about 15 minutes.


2 to 3 servings


10       asparagus spears, cut on the bias into 1½-inch pieces

1        small carrot, cut into julienne

1        cup snow peas

½       cup frozen peas

1        pound large frozen shrimp

          Fresh lemon juice

          Chopped fresh parsley leaves

          Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

Nutritional information


Nutritional information per serving

Calories 150 (13% from fat) / carb. 7g / pro. 25g / fat 2g / sat. fat 0g /
chol. 171mg / sod. 201mg / calc. 81mg / fiber 2g



Mix the vegetables together and then place them on the tray inside the steamer. Top with the shrimp. Secure lid.

Select Manual and set timer for 10 minutes.

When timer expires, toss together in a mixing bowl with lemon juice, parsley and season to taste with salt and pepper.