Pappadew Cheese Spread

Cuisinart original

A piquant spread that’s a cross between Southern pimento cheese and fromage fort. You can always swap some of the Cheddar here for whatever leftover bits of cheese you have on hand.


Makes 1 and 1/3 cups


1       small garlic clove, peeled
4      ounces good-quality sharp Cheddar, cut into
        ½-inch to 1-inch cubes, at room temperature
4      ounces goat cheese, softened
2      tablespoons salted butter, softened
2      ounces (about 8 or 9) hot, sweet, pickled
        Peppadew peppers, drained and halved
2      tablespoons dry white wine
        pinch kosher salt
Butter crackers, for serving

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per serving (2 tablespoons):
Calories 95 (73% from fat) • carb. 2g • pro. 4g • fat 8g • sat. fat 5g chol. 26mg • sod. 134mg • calc. 78mg • fiber 0g


1. Put the garlic in the work bowl. Process continuously
on Chop to finely chop, about 5 seconds. Add the
Cheddar and pulse 10 to 12 times on Chop to roughly
chop, then run on Chop continuously until finely
chopped. The Cheddar should be coarsely crumbled.
2. Break up the goat cheese in the work bowl, then add
the butter, Peppadews, wine, and salt. Process on Chop
continuously until well blended and mostly smooth,
scraping down the bowl as necessary. The finished
spread will be somewhat chunky, with some visible bits
of Cheddar and flecks of pepper throughout.
3. Transfer to a bowl and serve immediately with the
crackers. Alternatively, cover the bowl and chill for a
firmer consistency, at least 1 hour.
Tip: For an impressive presentation, transfer the spread
to a small plastic wrap-lined bowl; tap on the counter to
remove air pockets, and smooth the top with an offset
spatula or butter knife. Cover with plastic wrap and
refrigerate to set, at least 2 hours. Unmold the spread onto
a serving dish or platter. Let come to room temperature
before serving, 15 to 20 minutes.