Falafel Sandwiches

Cuisinart original

Enjoy this popular Middle Eastern street food right at home. Remember to soak the chickpeas for the falafel the night before.


Makes 12 falafel, 4 sandwiches


¼    teaspoon baking soda
1     tablespoon water
1     garlic clove
1     small shallot, cut into 1-inch pieces
½    cup dried chickpeas, soaked overnight, rinsed and drained
½    teaspoon kosher salt
⅛    teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
¾    teaspoon ground cumin
¼    teaspoon ground coriander
⅛    teaspoon chili powder
⅓    cup packed fresh Italian parsley – stems and leaves
1     tablespoon unbleached, all-purpose flour
For Sandwiches:
Pita with pockets, halved and warmed
Baba Ganoush (recipe follows)
Thinly sliced red cabbage and red onion
Chopped cucumber, tomatoes, and pickles
Tahini, for drizzling
Fresh parsley leaves, chopped

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per falafel:
Calories 62 (44% from fat) • carb. 7g • pro. 2g • fat 3g • sat. fat 0g • chol. 0mgsod. 138mg • calc. 9mg • fiber 1g


1. Dissolve the baking soda in the tablespoon of water.
2. Using a food processor fitted with the large chopping blade, finely chop the garlic and shallot. Add the soaked chickpeas, salt, pepper, spices, parsley, and flour. Pulse 8 to 10 times to coarsely grind the chickpeas. Scrape down and pulse a few more times. Remove and reserve ⅓ cup of the mixture in mixing bowl. With the processor
running, pour the dissolved baking soda through the feed tube to incorporate.
3. Combine with the reserved ⅓ cup mixture in the mixing bowl and stir together to combine. Using a tablespoon measure, scoop chickpea mixture and shape into 12 balls. Place the balls on a tray or plate lined with wax paper and chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
4. Place the AirFry Basket onto the AirFry Pan. Coat the basket with nonstick cooking spray. Transfer the chilled falafel to the basket in a single layer. Spray evenly with olive oil. Place in the Cuisinart® 3-in-1 Microwave AirFryer Oven. Select Oven/AirFry and set the temperature and time to 350°F for 15 minutes and press Start. Falafel are done when evenly golden brown and crisp.
5. Assemble sandwiches: Fill the pockets of halved pitas with a couple tablespoons of baba ganoush and two falafels. Top with cabbage, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and pickles. Drizzle with tahini and sprinkle with chopped parsley, if desired. Serve immediately.