Cuisinart original

Many would turn their nose up at anything other than vanilla gelato for use in this Italian
dessert, but we have found that there are many other flavors that work just as well,
with chocolate, espresso, or caramel being our favorites.


Makes 1 serving


1    scoop vanilla gelato (or your
      favorite gelato or ice cream flavor)
1    espresso capsule

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Put the scoop of gelato into a small cup or
glass. Store in the freezer while preparing
the espresso.
2. Put the espresso capsule into the unit.
Put an espresso/demitasse cup underneath
the brew head and select Single Espresso.
3. Once the espresso has finished brewing,
remove the cup with the gelato from the
freezer and slowly pour the espresso over
the gelato.
4. Serve immediately