Fluffy Omlettes

Cuisinart original

These omelettes make a perfect "to go" breakfast on the run when served in a "wrap" or tortilla, a toasted club roll, or a croissant. You may some fresh herbs to the mix to taste, or add a slice of cooked bacon to your sandwich.


Makes 3 servings


3 large eggs 2-3 drops Tabasco® or other hot sauce ½ ounce shredded cheese (cheddar, jarlsberg, gouda)

Nutritional information

Calories 108 (69% from fat) · carb 1 g · protein 7g · fat 8g · sat fat 2g · chol 209 mg · sod 182 mg · calc 58mg · fiber 0g


Assemble Cuisinart® Egg Cooker. Measure water to cook 1 Medium Cooked Egg and pour into Egg Cooker. Lightly coat each of the three cups of the Poaching Tray with cooking spray. Mix the eggs using a fork, whisk or in the Cuisinart® Mini Prep. Pour the mixture evenly into each of the poaching cups and place poaching tray in the egg cooker. Cover and turn Egg Cooker on. When beep sounds omelettes are ready to serve. Turn Egg Cooker off.

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