Breakfast Panini

Cuisinart original

A delicious and simple breakfast sandwich perfect for a breakfast on the go.


Makes 2 sandwiches


4 to 6 bacon slices
2 large eggs
   freshly ground black pepper
2 croissants or sandwich-size
   English mufns, sliced horizontally
2 slices Cheddar, thinly sliced
   (Swiss, provolone or American cheese may
   be substituted)

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per sandwich:
Calories 383 (48% from fat) • carb. 25g • pro. 24g fat 20g • sat. fat 10g • chol. 262mg • sod. 920mg calc. 177mg • fber 1g


1. Insert plates on griddle side. Preheat the
Griddler® Compact on High. Place bacon slices
on the griddle plates. Cook until bacon is
completely cooked through, 4 to 5 minutes per
side. Remove and reserve on paper towels
to drain. Carefully wipe any excess grease from
the griddle.
2. Gently crack eggs onto griddle and sprinkle
with freshly ground pepper. Once set, fip egg
until cooked to desired doneness. Put one egg
on each croissant bottom. Top each egg with half
of the bacon, and then put a slice of cheese over
the bacon. Finish with the croissant top.
3. Place sandwiches on bottom plate and carefully,
with oven mitts, adjust the grill to close. Carefully
grill sandwiches in closed position until cheese is
melted, about 2 minutes.