Cuisinart original


Makes 4 servings


4    measured scoops finely ground
      espresso, divided
2    tablespoons granulated sugar
½   cup heavy cream, whipped to
      a stiff peak
1    teaspoon shaved bittersweet or
      semisweet chocolate (optional)

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


Press the power button of the Cuisinart®
Espresso Maker to turn the machine on. The
lights around the power, manual, single and
double espresso buttons will illuminate
and when they stop blinking, the machine has
been warmed and is ready to use.
Place the two-cup filter basket in the
portafilter holder. Spoon 2 scoops of the
espresso grounds into the basket. Using the
tamping tool, press down the grounds with
moderate pressure and clean any excess from
the rim. Secure the portafilter holder in place.
Program the espresso maker to brew 8
ounces of espresso. Place a glass underneath
the brew head and press the double espresso button.
Espresso will begin to brew and will stop
when 8 ounces have been brewed. Repeat
process to brew 8 more ounces. Stir sugar
into combined espresso
to dissolve.
Pour the espresso mixture in a bowl. Cool to
room temperature. Cover with plastic wrap
and place in freezer. Every hour, for about
5 hours in total, scrape the mixture with a fork
to allow crystals to form.
To serve, layer equal amounts of granita and
whipped cream in a parfait glass. Garnish
with shaved chocolate, if desired.