Cuisinart original


Makes 1 serving (6-8 ounces)


1      measured scoop finely ground
        espresso or 1 espresso pod
6-7  ounces hot water

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


Press the power button of the Cuisinart®
Espresso Maker to turn the machine on. The
lights around the power, manual, single and
double espresso buttons will illuminate
and when they stop blinking, the machine has
been warmed and is ready to use.
Place the one-cup filter basket in the
portafilter holder. Spoon the espresso grounds
into the basket. Using the tamping tool, press
down the grounds with moderate pressure
and clean any excess from the rim. Secure
the portafilter holder in place.
Place a 6 to 8-ounce glass or mug on the drip
tray underneath the steam wand. Turn the
steam/hot water dial to the hot water setting.
Allow water to flow into the cup/mug until it is
about 2⁄3 full and turn dial back to off position.
Place the cup/mug with the hot water already
in it underneath the brew head and press the
button above the single espresso button.
Espresso will begin to brew. When 1½ ounces
have been brewed the machine will stop.