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Enjoy the versatility of the pre-seasoned Cuisinart 10-Inch Cast Iron Griddle Pan! This pan is great for crisping, searing, pan-frying, and roasting on your grill. The hot cast iron helps to sear in juicy flavors and creates a delicious crust. The pre-seasoned cast iron makes for no sticking to the pan and an easy clean up! Make sure to season the pan after use and cleaning to keep that non-stick surface. You’ll love all the dishes you can create with the Cuisinart 10-inch Cast Iron Griddle Pan! Have a favorite recipe? Share it in the reviews below!

  • VERSATILITY COOKING: 10-inch cast-iron cooking surface retains heat, seals in moisture and flavor. Enjoy cooking all types of meals from roasted vegetables, seared steaks, cobblers, and more!
  • PRE-SEASONED: Pre-seasoned cast iron creates a non-stick surface so you can get grilling right away and provides an easy cleanup! For best results over time, continue to season with vegetable oil.
  • SEAR IN DELICIOUS JUICES: A well-seasoned cast iron pan creates a crusty sear on burgers and steaks, all while keeping flavorful juices in the pan instead of dripping down into the flames.
  • LWH: 2.75" x 12.9" x 10"
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