Hand Held Immersion Blenders

Hand Held Immersion Blenders

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Blend smoothies, puree soup, emulsify vinaigrettes, and whisk whipped cream with our hand held immersion blenders. These versatile kitchen appliances feature powerful motors for any blending task as well as a variety of speeds for consistent mixing.

Our emulsion blenders are also light and ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use with one hand. The convenient stick design reaches deep into pitchers, bowls, or pots—even while they’re still on the stove.

The Smart Stick® Cordless Hand Blender—with a whisk attachment, 5 speeds, and 20 minutes of runtime on each charge—is an all-time favorite among chefs. For maximum power and minimum noise, the Smart Stick® Variable Speed Hand Blender is equipped with a 300-watt DC motor that switches from low to high speed at the turn of a dial. And for the ones who want it all, the Hurricane® Hand Blender offers supreme versatility with a chef’s whisk and potato masher attachments and a 4-cup measuring beaker.

Compact and efficient, these hand held immersion blenders are essential for all of your everyday food prep tasks! When you’re done, simply detach the blending shaft from the power handle for easy cleaning, and then store it away until next time. The slim design saves counter space and is easy to store when not in use.