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Cuisinart Griddler Grill Centro

The Backyard Barbecue Moves Indoors

Stamford, CT - March 2010


March 2010


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Cuisinart Griddler® Grill Centro

Food for Thought:

The Backyard Barbecue Moves Indoors

The summer barbecue is an American tradition that has always been dependent upon weather conditions.  Now, however, Cuisinart is helping home cooks to reclaim the backyard barbecue on their own terms, with the introduction of the Cuisinart Griddler® Grill Centro (model no. GC-17).

Unlike other indoor grills, Cuisinart’s Centro allows consumers to grill or griddle food on its top tier while simultaneously cooking kebabs or hot dogs on its bottom tier.  From hamburgers to grilled vegetables to toasted buns, the Griddler® Grill Centro allows home cooks to recreate the outdoor barbecue experience in the comfort of their own kitchens any time of year, no matter what the weather.

What to Look for When Purchasing an Indoor Grill:

Versatility:                                                                                                               The 1700-watt Griddler® Grill Centro features a nonstick die-cast top tier that easily converts from grill to griddle, enabling home cooks to prepare a virtually limitless variety of foods.  The bottom tier is equipped with a ten-piece stainless steel skewer set for expertly prepared kebabs, and a ten-piece hot dog roller set for evenly cooked and tender hot dogs or sausages.  Both the skewers and the rollers rotate automatically to ensure perfect results, every time.

“The newest addition to the Griddler® family of products, Cuisinart’s Griddler® Grill Centro is an extremely versatile and efficient piece of cooking equipment,” says Mary Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart.  “The Centro’s adeptness at handling multiple cooking techniques allows consumers to quickly and easily prepare a wide variety of delicious foods, all at the same time.”

Convenience:                                                                                                               For increased ease of use, the Centro is also equipped with two pull-out kebab drawers with handles; two kebab drip trays to collect grease from rotating kebabs; and a drip cup to collect grease from the grill/griddle.  The Centro also has a temperature control dial with low, medium and high settings, a “power on” indicator light and a kebab motor control switch.  The base of the unit is elegant brushed stainless steel, and all removable parts (including the nonstick grill/griddle plate) are dishwasher-safe for simple and quick cleanup.

Just the Facts

Everyday Retail Price:                                   $129                                                        Availability:                                                    Immediately                                             Warranty:                                                       Limited three-year

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