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Mini-Prep® and PowerPrep® Plus Food Processor

Stamford, CT - April 2008


April 2008


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Mini-Prep® Plus 4-Cup Food Processor

PowerPrep Plus® 14-Cup Food Processor


Food for Thought:

Continued Consumer Demand for Style and Functionality


Convenience in meal planning and food prep continues to be a key priority for home cooks. That’s why food prep appliances that simplify life in the kitchen are high on consumers’ “must have” lists.


Cuisinart is expanding its signature food processor collection with two new units featuring a brushed stainless finish.  This is the first time the company has offered this finish in its Premier Series due to the complexity of both the concave and convex shape of the food processor. The company’s 4-cup Mini-Prep® Plus

(model no. DLC-4CHB) is ideally suited for mid-sized food prep tasks, from chopping herbs and grinding spices to blending mayonnaise or emulsifying vinaigrette. For all food prep tasks, the Cuisinart PowerPrep Plus® 14-Cup Food Processor (model no. DLC-2014CHB) is a versatile workhorse that can delicately mince tiny cloves of garlic or powerfully knead three pounds of dough. The new Cuisinart food processors are designed with both functional features and the new brushed stainless finish, which adds a touch of style to any countertop and coordinates with both traditional and modern kitchen décor.


What to Look for When Purchasing a Food Processor:


Performance and Convenience:

The PowerPrep Plus® 14-Cup Food Processor features a powerful induction motor with an alternate speed for perfect dough mixing. One of the distinctive benefits of Cuisinart’s 14-cup food processor is the one-piece Supreme Wide Mouth Feed Tube, which gives home cooks a free hand while reloading ingredients, and is located on the front of the machine for added convenience.  More than two times larger than any other feed tube on the market, Cuisinart’s Supreme Wide Mouth Feed Tube virtually eliminates pre-cutting and allows consumers to feed whole vegetables or fruits into the food processor quickly and easily.


Equipped with a 14-cup work bowl, the PowerPrep Plus® Food Processor is also designed with safety features built into the work bowl and cover.  A patented safety interlocking mechanism ensures that the consumer can’t operate the PowerPrep Plus® if the cover and feed tube aren’t properly assembled and engaged.


The Mini-Prep® Plus 4-Cup Food Processor has all the signature benefits of Cuisinart’s other Mini-Prep® Plus units but with a larger capacity. With just the touch of a button, consumers can select the “Chop” function for soft foods and the “Grind” setting for hard foods. There is also a pulse control for precision processing.


The versatility of the Mini-Prep® Plus lies in the Auto Reversing Smart Blade™, which makes it quicker and easier to process both hard and soft foods. The stainless steel blade has both sharp and blunt edges to give consumers the exact texture they desire. The sharp edge is designed for the delicate chopping of herbs and for blending and puréeing other soft foods with higher water content such as onions, fresh herbs, sauces and cooked vegetables. The blunt edge offers a powerful cutting surface to grind through spices and other hard foods such as Parmesan cheese and coffee beans.


Other Features:

Cuisinart’s PowerPrep Plus® and Mini-Prep® Plus Food Processors include other core benefits, such as convenient touchpad controls and non-skid feet for greater stability on the countertop. The units also come with spatulas for easy removal of food, and wrap-around cord storage in the bottom of the base. All removable parts are dishwasher-safe. Additionally, the PowerPrep Plus® Food Processor is available with a how-to video.

Just the Facts

Everyday Retail Price:         $299, PowerPrep Plus® 14-Cup Food Processor (model no. DLC-2014CHB)       

  $49.95, Mini-Prep® Plus 4-Cup Food Processor (model no. DLC-4CHB)


Availability:                            Immediately


Warranty:                                PowerPrep Plus®, Limited three-year, full 10-year motor

                                                   Mini-Prep® Plus, Limited 18-month


About Cuisinart:

Cuisinart, universally known for introducing the food processor in America, is a leader in culinary appliances, professional quality cookware and kitchen accessories. The company’s cutting edge reputation can be seen on numerous fronts, from industry-first products and design awards to sponsorships of culinary events and TV cooking shows.  Cuisinart manufactures a full range of products under the tagline, “Savor the Good Life®.” These products include cookware, countertop cooking appliances, blenders, stand mixers and coffeemakers, as well as food processors, toasters and toaster ovens, ice cream makers and waffle makers. Cuisinart’s website is