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12-Piece Enamel Cast Iron Fondue Set

Stamford, CT - March 2007

12-Piece Enamel Cast Iron Fondue Set

Food for Thought…
Creating an Eclectic Cuisine Experience with Fondue

As America becomes more culturally diverse, its cuisine is getting more eclectic. From Tex-Mex to Greek, Moroccan to Vietnamese, a growing number of consumers are embracing different foods and seeking exotic, flavorful dining experiences at home. 

The resurgence of fondue, a culinary tradition in French cuisine, addresses this growing consumer interest in international fare.  Whether home chefs are creating one-dish meals or a variety of courses, fondue caters to a wide range of tastes and venues.   

Cuisinart’s 12-Piece Enamel Cast Iron Fondue Set (model no. 7FP-16) is an attractive and elegant specialty piece that will stir up good food and plenty of conversation. The fondue set combines superior performance with ultimate versatility, giving new meaning to stress-free home entertaining. The set includes a 1.5-quart fondue pot with splatter shield, six color-coded forks, and various other pieces to help consumers perfect the technique of creating professional-quality fondue. 

What to Look for When Purchasing a Fondue Set: 

The hallmark of Cuisinart’s fondue set is the 1.5-quart enamel cast iron pot, which provides even heat distribution and optimal heat retention. This ensures that the fondue remains at just the right temperature and consistency as it is transferred from stovetop to table.   

Cuisinart’s enamel cast iron fondue set is versatile enough for consumers to enjoy fondue in all its variations. The product is especially suited to home entertaining; hosts can easily prepare fondue on the stovetop and then serve it at the table, indoors or out.

The three most common types of fondue are: fondue au fromage, which refers to the classic cheese fondue that originated in Switzerland; fondue bourguignone, which dates back to the Middle Ages in France and consists of bite-sized cubes of beef cooked in hot oil; and chocolate fondue, which first appeared in the mid-60’s and combines chocolate and cream into which fruit and cake may be dipped. For adding a more international flavor to traditional fondue recipes, home chefs can try using a few new ingredients. For instance, a sesame-soy dipping sauce can add an Asian twist to a main course like fondue bourguignone.  

The Cuisinart 12-Piece Enamel Cast Iron Fondue Set is easy to operate, with an adjustable burner that provides heat to keep the fondue warm. It also comes with a warming stand, heat-resistant base, and burner set with snuffer. For added convenience, the fondue set is alcohol and chafing gel compatible.

Other Features:
The new enamel cast iron fondue set is available in red (model no. 7FP-16R) and white
(model no. 7FP-16W).  Cuisinart also offers an electric fondue set, with a brushed stainless 3-quart pot that is equally suited for various fondues and large gatherings.


Just the Facts:

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Warranty:                                                       Limited Lifetime


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