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Cuisinart Oven Central™

Stamford, CT - March 2012

Product Description:

The versatile new Oven Central is compact, fast and multifunctional; home cooks can easily bake, roast, steam, sauté, skewer, griddle, toast and brown directly in the unit. Featuring an adjustable temperature control (ranging from Warm to 450 ̊F) and a 30-minute timer, the Oven Central also comes with dishwasher-safe accessories like a cupcake/muffin pan and roasting rack.

     Availability: April 2012

Model numbers and everyday retail price: CBO-1000; $129

Story Angles/Statistics/Facts/Anecdotes:

Dinner Party Pro
For those who love to host dinner guests at home but need additional oven space, the versatile Oven Central is a must-have kitchen appliance. When the house is full of guests and a meal with many moving parts is on the menu, the Oven Central allows home cooks to increase output and decrease time spent cooking in the kitchen.

All the Single Chefs
Making a meal for one can be a hassle, but the compact, multifunctional Oven Central provides the perfect means of preparing a wide range of smaller dishes in a tight space. This new product offers a quick, easy and effective solution for hungry singles everywhere, and with one million more single households in the U.S. today than just two years ago, the need to prepare dinner for one is rapidly increasing.