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Cuisinart Spring Colors Collection

Stamford, CT - March 2012

Product Descriptions:

Cuisinart Power Advantage™ 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Cuisinart Mini-Prep™ Plus Processor

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

Three of Cuisinart’s most popular kitchen appliances just got a mod new makeover in beautiful pastel colors.  From Mad Men to Pan Am, the nation’s fascination with all things ‘50s and ‘60s is clearly evident, and is now moving into the kitchen.  While the palette may be a stylish return to the retro, the technology remains as cutting edge as ever.

       Availability: Immediately

Model numbers and everyday retail prices:

  • HM-50LP/LB/LG/LY; $49.95
  • DLC-2ALP/LB/LG/LY; $39.95
  • CSB-76LP/LB/LG/LY; $34.95

Story Angles/Statistics/Facts/Anecdotes:

Escape the Daily ‘What’s-for-Dinner?’ Rut:  These pastel appliances won’t just add a burst of color to the countertop, they’ll punch up any tired recipe routine. Whether it’s simple dips or complex confections, there’s nothing these tools can’t tackle, and everyone from novice to expert home cooks can make the most of each product’s versatility.

i.     Mini-processor

  1. Easy: Spinach artichoke dip
  2. Medium: Natural almond butter
  3. Hard: Fresh pasta dough

ii.     Hand Mixer

  1. Easy: Homemade whipped cream
  2. Medium: Whipped sweet potatoes
  3. Hard: Meringue

iii.     Hand Blender

  1. Easy: Whole wheat pancake batter
  2. Medium: Sofrito
  3. Hard: Salmon mousse