Cookies and Cream Milk Shake

Cuisinart original


For the ultimate chocolate version, swap out the vanilla ice cream for chocolate ice cream and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup.


2          cups vanilla ice cream

¾         cup milk, any fat variety

6          chocolate sandwich cookies, broken up

Nutritional information


Nutritional information per serving (½ cup):

Calories 378 (54% from fat) • carb. 36g • pro. 8g • fat 23g • sat. fat 13g

• chol. 127mg • sod. 189mg • calc. 206mg • fiber 1g



Put all of the ingredients, in the order listed, into the blender jar. Secure lid.

Select Low and blend until fully smooth and homogenous, about 30 seconds.

Serve immediately.