The Perfect Burger

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It’s best to buy ground beef and form your own patties. You can control size and freshness. Do not add salt into the mix, only salt the outside surface of the burger. The salt inside the burger will draw the moisture out. Once formed create a dimple in the center of the patty using your thumb. This will prevent doming on the grill and will ensure even cooking. Do Not Press the burger while it cooks. Make sure not to overcook and always make a burger sauce.


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24 oz. Ground Beef, 80/20 Kosher Salt 4 Slices American Cheese 4 Hamburger Buns ¼ Cup Mayonnaise ¼ Ketchup (Favorite Burger Toppings)

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1. Divide the ground beef into 4 equal portions and roll into balls. Line a burger press with parchment paper squares. Place the ground beef balls onto the press place another square of parchment on top and press into ½-¾ inch patties. Place onto large plate and using your thumb create a 2 inch wide ¼ inch deep dimple into the burger patty. This will prevent your burger from doming on the grill and ensure even cooking. 2. Season both side of the burger patties well with salt and allow to rest while your gill is heating up on high heat for about 15 mins. 3. Place burgers onto hottest part of your grill and cook until well charred on the first side, about 2-5 minutes. Flip, repeat and place a slice of cheese onto each patty. Toast the cut side of all your buns until golden brown about 2 minutes. Place burgers onto bottoms of buns. 4. Mix mayonnaise and ketchup until well combine and divide on the cut sides of tops of burger buns. Place onto burgers and serve immediately. Add any of your favorite burger topping.

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