Ultimate 4 Piece Griddle Ring Set


Create Perfectly Shaped Omelets, 4” Eggs for Sandwiches, and 6” Pancakes. The Cuisinart® Ultimate Egg Ring Set will not only make perfectly shaped eggs, omelets, and pancakes, it will also simplify breakfast! This set includes 2 Egg Rings, 1 Pancake Ring, and 1 Omelet Ring. Evenly space out your rings on your griddle surface and get cooking! The 2 Egg Rings make 4” eggs that fit perfectly on English muffins making homemade breakfast sandwiches look just as good as they taste! The Egg Rings are also great for smaller pancakes, but when you want that restaurant-style 6” pancake use the Pancake Ring. Add blueberries, chocolate chips, or sliced apples, the ring will hold the shape of the pancake and make it easier to flip and serve! Easily create thick, perfectly shaped omelets! Make almost 8” wide pancakes and .87” thick! This ring will make it easy to add all your yummy veggies and meat without getting too messy on your griddle top. When done, add cheese and fold in half! Your family and friends will love the restaurant-style omelet! Also great for making fritters and more!

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  • RESTAURANT STYLE OMELETS: Perfectly shaped half circle omelet without the hassle! Large ring holds the egg and toppings until done, then add cheese and fold in half for a delicious omelet.
  • STACKS OF 6” PANCAKES: Make restaurant style stacks of 6” pancakes! Easy to use, ring holds its shape after adding pancake mix and toppings; once the bubbles start to form, remove the ring and flip!
  • 4” EGG RINGS: Make eggs that fit perfectly on your English muffins, making homemade breakfast sandwiches look just as good as they taste! These rings can also be used to make smaller sized pancakes.
  • NON-STICK: Each ring has a non-stick coating that helps prevent sticking! The handle folds down for compact storage.
  • TIPS: Spray with vegetable oil for even easier removal. Place the rings on the hot surface prior to adding the eggs or pancake mix. Handle may get hot, please use protective gloves when removing.