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  9. Model number (located on product carton): 86279-

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  11. Store where purchased:
  13. Which of the following Cuisinart® products do you own/intend to purchase: (check all that apply)
      Currently Own Intend to Purchase
    Can Opener
    Citrus Juicer
    Coffee Grinder
    Coffee Maker
    Convection Oven
    Countertop Blender
    Deep Fryer
    Drink Mixer
    Electric Kettle
    Food Processor
    Food Slicer
    Hand Blender
    Hand Mixer
    Ice Cream Maker
    Juice Extractor
    Meat Grinder
    Toaster Oven Broiler
    Waffle Maker
  15. How did you first become aware of this product?
    Received as a Gift
    In-Store Demo
    Magazine Article
    Recommendation of Friend/Family
    Saw Product in Store
    TV Shopping Program
  17. Check the two (2) most important reasons influencing your purchase of this Cuisinart® product:
    Received as a Gift
    Special Offer
    Ease of Operation
    Product Features
    Cuisinart® Reputation
    Value for Price
    Recommendation of Friend/Family
    Recommendation of Salesperson
    Saw in Magazine/Catalog
    Prior Experience with Cuisinart®
    Only Brand Available
  19. Did you:
    Buy this product yourself?
    Request this Cuisinart® product as a gift?
    Request any product like this as a gift?
    Receive this product as a surprise gift?
  21. If you bought this product yourself, or requested this gift, did you plan to:

    A) Purchase this type of product before going into the store?

    Yes No

    B) If yes, did you plan to purchase a specific brand?

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    C) If yes, was the brand Cuisinart®?

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  23. If no, what other brands did you consider?
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  25. Is this Cuisinart® product:
    Your first product of this type?
    A replacement for a Cuisinart® product of this type?
    A replacement for another brand?
    An additional purchase?
  27. Did you plan to purchase this type of cookware/bakeware before entering the store?  
    Yes No
  29. If no, what other types of cookware/bakeware did you consider?  
    Anodized Aluminum
    Cast Iron
    Ceramic Bakeware
    Non-stick Bakeware
    Non-stick Stainless
  31. Not including yourself, what is the GENDER and AGE (in years)
    of children and other adults living in your household?

    No one else in household Child under 1 year
    1. Male Female Age (in yrs):
    2. Male Female Age (in yrs):
    3. Male Female Age (in yrs):
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  33. Occupation: (check all that apply)
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    Upper Management/Executive
    Middle Management
    Clerical/Service Worker
    Tradesman/Machine Operator/Laborer
  35. Are you or your spouse:  
      You Spouse
    A Homemaker?
    A Student?
    Self Employed/Business Owner?
    Working from a Home Office?
    In the Military?
    A Veteran?
  37. Which group describes your annual family income?
    Under $15,000
    $250,000 & over
  39. Level of education: (select highest level completed)
    Completed High School
    Completed College
    Completed Graduate School
  41. Which credit cards do you use regularly?
    American Express, Diners Club
    MasterCard, Visa, Discover
    Department Store, Oil Company, etc.
    Do not use credit cards
  43. For your primary residence, do you:
    Own? Rent?
  45. How recently did you move into your current residence?
    Within 30 days
    Within 1-3 months
    Within 4-6 months
    7 to 12 months ago
    Have not moved in the last 12 months
  47. Which of the following do you plan to do within the next 1-6
    or 7-12 months?

    (select all that apply)
      1-6 Months 7-12 Months
    Buy/Lease a New Vehicle
    Buy/Lease a Used Vehicle
  49. Please check all that apply to your household.
    Shop by Catalog/Mail
    Shop via the Internet
    Member of Frequent Flyer Program
    Donate to Charitable Causes
    Own a Compact Disc Player
    Have a Dog
    Have a Cat
    Own a Wireless/Cellular Phone
    Speak Spanish
    Own an Apple/Macintosh Computer
    Own a CD-ROM Drive
  51. To help us understand our customers' lifestyles, please indicate
    the interests and activities in which you or your spouse enjoy
    participating on a regular basis.

    01. Bicycling
    02. Golf
    03. Physical Fitness/Exercise
    04. Running/Jogging
    05. Snow Skiing
    06. Tennis
    07. Camping/Hiking
    08. Fishing
    09. Hunting/Shooting
    10. Powerboating
    11. Sailing
    12. Grandchildren
    13. Needlework/Knitting
    14. Sewing
    15. Flower Gardening
    16. Vegetable Gardening
    17. Crafts
    18. Buy Prerecorded Videos
    19. Automotive Work
    20. Electronics
    21. Home Workshop/Do-It-Yourself
    22. Recreation Vehicles (RV's)
    23. Listen to Records/Tapes/CDs
    24. Avid Book Reading
    25. Bible/Devotional Reading
    26. Health/Natural Foods
    27. Photography
    28. Cultural/Arts Events
    29. Fashion Clothing
    30. Art/Antiques Collecting
    31. Foreign Travel
    32. Cruise Ship Vacations
    33. Travel in USA
    34. Gourmet Cooking/Fine Foods
    35. Wines
    36. Stamp/Coin Collecting
    37. Collectibles
    38. Our Nation’s Heritage
    39. Real Estate Investments
    40. Stocks/Bond Investments
    41. Contests/Sweepstakes
    42. Casino Gambling
    43. Science Fiction
    44. Wildlife/Environmental Issues
    45. Dieting/Weight Control
    46. Science/New Technology
    47. Self-Improvement
    48. Walking for Health
    49. Watching Sports on TV
    50. Home Video Recording
    51. Moneymaking Opportunities
  53. Using the numbers in the above list, please indicate your 3 most
    important activities:


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