Trentino Slotted Spoon

Trentino Slotted Spoon
Trentino Slotted Spoon

Cuisinart's new Trentino collection of kitchen tools merges complete comfort and optimal performance. Durable yet lightweight, these ergonomically designed essentials feature soft grip handles for ease of use, and nylon heads that are heat resistant up to 420ºF. Each tool is safe for nonstick cookware and has a built-in counter-rest feature that elevates the tool head, eliminating mess and cross contamination.

  • Soft-grip handle
  • Nylon head is heat resistant up to 420⁰F
  • Nylon tools are safe for nonstick cookware
  • Counter-rest feature keeps countertops clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime warranty

    • UC Weight: 0.377
    • UC Cubic Feet: 0.041
    • UC LWH: 1.5"(L) x 3.13"(W) x 15.25"(H)
    • MC Quantity: 1
    • MC Weight: 6.800
    • MC Cubic Feet: 0.773
    • MC LWH: 16.5"(L) x 8.0"(W) x 10.25"(H)
    $7.99 $

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