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Surpass expectations with the Cuisinart Woodcreek 4-in-1 Pellet Grill. Set the bar above all others with a pellet grill that is loaded with features. Sear any steak to perfection with the ceramic briquette insert that allows for high temperatures. Perfect the flavor of charcoal without the hassle, simply insert charcoal tray and light with the turn of a knob. With no shortage of space, the enormous 862 square inches allows you to griddle your favorite dishes while smoking or searing the main course simultaneously. Monitor food easily with the large LCD Bluetooth enabled controller with two meat probes and cooking readouts, the Cuisinart Easy Connect™ BBQ app, an appliance grade viewing window, as well as two ten-watt halogen lights making seeing inside a breeze. Achieve the perfect smoke ring on any cut of meat with our insulated lid featuring a gasket seal that locks in the flavor. After indulging in your meal cleaning up is as easy as one-two-three with the express ash clean-out system. The Cuisinart Woodcreek is built for endless possibilities. What will you cook?

  • 4-IN-ONE COOKING VERSATILITY: SMOKE - Pellet smoker with 30lb. hopper for wood fired taste. SEAR - Ceramic briquette insert for high temp searing. GRIDDLE - Ready to use cast iron griddle for cooking versatility. GRILL - PELLET OR CHARCOAL - Removable charcoal tray for grilling flexibility.
  • COOKING AREA: Primary cooking area: 648 Square Inches, Secondary cooking area: 214 Square Inches, Total cooking area: 862 Square Inches.
  • EASY CONNECT TECHNOLOGY: Track meat progress and search recipes. Large LCD controller with cooking readouts. 2 meat probes with storage in hopper lid.
  • HIGH-END FEATURES: Appliance-grade viewing window, insulated lid and firebox, two 10-watt halogen bulbs that allow you to easily see inside, commercial grade gasket to seal in smoke, solid cast iron cooking grates, flip-up stainless steel warming rack for larger cuts of meat.
  • EASY CLEAN: Express clean-out system with ash cup and a pellet release located in the hopper.

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