Locking Grill Tongs

Locking Grill Tongs
Locking Grill Tongs

These are the ideal tongs to use while grilling. The 16" reach will allow you to safely and comfortably turn, lift, and remove food from the grill. The steel tongs make it easy to grab even the most difficult of grilled foods while the silicone accents give you a better grip on the tongs. The hanging loop makes these great for hanging by the grill and combined with the locking mechanism, these tongs will hardly take up any space during storage. These tongs are the perfect complement to any other barbecue tools you'll need when out by your grill.

  • Simple locking mechanism for storage
  • Long 16" tongs
  • Silicone grips with embossed logo
  • Grill hanging loop
  • Brushed stainless steel

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