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The Cuisinart 5 Piece Spatula Set includes the essential spatulas for your griddle and grill needs. Flip, turn and serve with the two sturdy stainless steel griddle spatulas. The serrated edge makes it easy to cut food to test for doneness while grilling. The perforated spatula allows excess grease to drip through. The scraper can chop and dice food while you cook. This scraper can also be used to clean your griddle surface. The set also includes two different style turners, great for flipping burgers, eggs, pancakes and more! One turner has beveled edges giving you the ability to chop foods while grilling. These 5 stainless steel tools are perfect for the grill or griddle enthusiast in your life!

  • Two sturdy stainless steel griddle spatulas; perforated and solid design
  • A scraper chopper that can chop and dice food while you cook and helps keep the griddle clean Two Multi-purpose turner spatulas, great for flipping burgers, meats, pancakes, and more!
  • Durable stainless steel constructed spatulas
  • LWH: 3.15" x 6.5" x 17.13"
  • UC Weight: 3.26 lb

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