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The Grilluminate Tri-Mount Grill Light is designed to keep you grilling long into those summer nights. It attaches to your grill in seconds and with the touch of a button the bright COB LEDs light your entire grill surface. The Tri-Mounting feature allows you to firmly clip the light to your side table, use the magnetic base to place it on most side shelves, or remove the goose-neck and with an adjustable clamp, you’ll be able to attach the light to most grill handles. The unique 360 degree rotating arms of this grill light increase your light spread, allowing you to see more and cook with ease. The high/low brightness settings allow you to decide how much light you actually need. And of course, its sleek design will look great with any grill.

  • TRI-MOUNT SYSTEM: The tri-mount light system features to adjustable grill lights that attaches to either an adjustable clamp that secures to most grill handles (max diam 1.5"), magnetic base and large grill clamp clips on side shelves.
  • REMOVABLE 13” 360º FLEXIBLE GOOSE-NECK: The clamping base features a flexible goose neck that can be positioned so the light shines exactly where it is needed. Each arm moves from side to side and rotates 360º.
  • HIGH/LOW brightness settings: The COB LED lights are super bright with HIGH/LOW brightness settings to give you the perfect level of illumination while grilling.
  • 6 AAA Batteries included and Water-Resistant (Waterproof Class IPX 3)

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