Power Scour Grill Brush

Power Scour Grill Brush
Power Scour Grill Brush

If you haven't been using stainless steel scouring pads or brushes up to this point, you truly have been missing out. The food and grease that gets caked onto your grill grate no longer stands a chance. This multi-use scour grill brush allows you to do some heavy duty cleaning on a dailly basis. There is nothing like stainless steel to eliminate any lasting residue from your delicious meal. And unlike a normal grill brush, there is no need to worry about any pieces of the grill brush head falling off. The circular design of this grill brush allows you to do all the scrubbing that the dirties of messes requires while keeping all of the stainless steel links intact.

  • 2 coiled stainless steel scouring pads
  • Heavy duty plastic casing and handle
  • These rough, reusable pads are great for removing caked-on food and grease

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