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Finally, a cocktail set that keeps drinks ice-cold for hours without getting watered down! With our X-Cold® Cocktail Shaker, cocktails always taste freshly made. A stainless steel chamber encased in a freezing shaker preserves cocktails in a deep freeze without letting ice touch the liquid. The result is pure, perfectly ice-cold drinking pleasure, whether enjoying a martini, limoncello, or any specialty drink in the the recipe book included.

How it works: Freeze water in the shaker. Pour drink ingredients into the drink chamber. Place the stainless steel cap on and shake. Pour into a chilled glass and enjoy your ice-cold, full-flavored cocktail! 

  • Enjoy your favorite cocktails ice-cold, never diluted 
  • 3 Piece Shaker:
    • Shaker
    • Drink Chamber
    • Jigger/Lid 
  • Easy-hold silicone sleeve and drink label necklace included 
  • Patent pending 
  • Dishwashser safe 
  • Lifetime warranty

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