360° 3-in-1 Cheese Grater

360° 3-in-1 Cheese Grater
360° 3-in-1 Cheese Grater

The 360° 3-in-1 Cheese Grater makes it easy to grate a variety of cheeses with just one tool! Simply rotate the cylinder base to click one of the three grating surfaces (fine, medium, coarse) in to position. Easily grate into the detatchable cheese catcher or directly over food. Its convenient size makes it ideal for prep or serving at the table. The grater pulls apart for easy cleaning, is dishwasher safe and includes a protective cover for safe storage.

  • Stainless steel graters
  • Features three grating levels: fine, medium, coarse
  • Detatchable cheese catcher
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Lifetime warranty

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