Professional Grill Tongs

Professional Grill Tongs
Professional Grill Tongs

Every master chef knows that a good set of tongs is the most important tool in his collection. The ability to easily grab any piece of food - from steak tips to shrimp to vegetables - makes grilling both effortless and enjoyable. The Cuisinart® Professional Grill Tongs combine unique design and superior performance to help any grill pro serve the very best. With a wide gripping surface and integrated scooper these tongs easily cover every corner of your bountiful grill

  • Extra wide notched gripping surface
  • scooper for vegetables and sauces
  • Ideal for grilling platters and toppers
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Comfortable Santoprene™ rubberized grip
  • Large ergonomically designed handle

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