Burgundy Glasses (Set of 4)

Burgundy Glasses (Set of 4)
Burgundy Glasses (Set of 4)

Bring out the complex bouquets and flavors of your favorite medium to full bodied red wines with the elegant The Star’s the Limit® Burgundy Glasses. Cuisinart® has designed each handcrafted glassto maximize the aromas of your wine and adorned the Burgundy Glasses with a star that indicates the optimum fill level. The wide bowl allows the bouquet to fully breathe for the ultimate wine experience.

  • Set includes four 26oz Burgundy Glasses
  • Made of durable soda lime glass
  • Each glass is designed specifically to disclose the hidden flavors of wine
  • Use the star decal as a guide to allow the bouquet to fully breathe and maximize your overall wine experience
  • Individually Hand Crafted
  • Lifetime Warranty

    • LWH: 9.0"(L) x 9.0"(W) x 8.88"(H)
    • UC Weight: 3.050
    • UC Cubic Feet: 0.500
    • UC LWH: 9.0"(L) x 9.2"(W) x 10.4"(H)
    • MC Quantity: 1
    • MC Weight: 12.200
    • MC Cubic Feet: 2.400
    • MC LWH: 19.1"(L) x 18.7"(W) x 11.7"(H)

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