Blender Juicer Recall Information

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Safety Recall

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Conair is voluntarily recalling the Cuisinart Compact Blender & Juicer Extractor Combo – Model CBJ-450. The nut holding the blade assembly of the blender can loosen and detach from the base when in use, posing a laceration hazard if a consumer comes in contact with a loose blade. The juice extractor is unaffected and may continue to be used.


Model CBJ-450 Blender

The model number is printed on the label located on the bottom of the base (see image below) and on the original packaging. The blades are silver-colored stainless steel and have a black plastic center hub. Cuisinart is printed on the front and on the bottom of the compact blender and juice extractor combos. Only Model CBJ-450 blenders are included in this recall.

Product Warning Information

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled blender part of the compact blender and juice extractor combos and contact Conair for a free replacement blade assembly. Consumers will receive instructions on how to install the replacement blade assembly after discarding the existing blade assembly, and after verifying disposal of the existing blade assembly. No tools are needed, and the new assembly can be inserted into the unit in the identical manner that the original assembly was in accordance with the operating instructions that the consumer received when the product was purchased.

Please contact the Cuisinart Customer Service Team for a free replacement blade by one of our options below:

1. Please fill out the Recall Registration Form and Cuisinart will respond immediately with instructions.

2. Or, call toll free 877-339-2534, between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.