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Turkey/Chicken Enchiladas


1 can green enchilada sauce (I used Las Palmas brand) (small can if you don't like a lot of sauce or a large can if you like your enchiladas saucy.
1 pound ground chicken or turkey, or cooked chicken
1 large onion, finely chopped
chili powder, to taste
light sprinkle of cayenne pepper (1/8 teaspoon or so)
cumin, to taste
1 cup mixture of jack and cheddar cheese (more if you put cheese in the enchiladas, shredded
1 small can chopped olives or 1 can whole olives, sliced
12 four tortillas


1. Brown ground turkey (or chicken) and onion that has been seasoned with cayenne, chili powder and cumin to taste. Add 1/2 cup of enchilada sauce to meat/onion mixture.

2. Turn off heat. Stir in a tablespoon or two of sour cream if desired.

3. In 9 x 13-inch glass dish, pour 1/2 cup or so of enchilada sauce in the bottom of the pan.

4. Lay tortilla on flat surface, put a scoop of meat mixture (and a little cheese if desired) in tortilla and tuck in the sides, then roll up. Place in glass dish, seam side down. Repeat until all the mixture is used up.

5. Top enchiladas with enchilada sauce, a layer of shredded cheese, and olives.

6. Bake at 350 degrees until heated throughout (30-45 minutes depending on whether they have been refrigerated).

Nutritional Information Per Serving

no nutrition information available

Recipe Swap Review

Thank you for the Turkey/Chicken Enchiladas recipe.

How did you know I loved Mexican food? This was the first food my host family introduced me to when I first arrived in this country.

I tried this recipe. The chicken enchiladas turned out perfect and tasted delicious. I added 1/4 teaspoon of oregano and substituted with low fat cheddar cheese. This way I would cut down some calories. I like it very spicy, so I added extra red pepper to give it an extra kick! In addition, I also added cilantro to the sauce; and decorated with it on top of the sour cream and olives. A pinch of red pepepr on top made it look pretty, appetizing and mouth watering!

Anyone who is interested in culinary arts should certainly try this recipe! As they say, "Mi casa, su casa" and one will treated to enchiladas. I did and everyone loved it! Thank you!
-- Sue S.