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My Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup Submitted by 4 Cheese Mac and Cheese Caribbean Style
Chicken Soup Submitted by 4 Cheese Mac and Cheese Caribbean Style
My chicken soup...always cooked in a different way. I also have a low carb version of this. Take away the white potatoes, and half the sweet potato and carrots. Add cabbage and chayote. I don't follow recipes so this might seem confusing.


Chicken legs, thighs, wings,breast or even a whole chicken cut up! 5 Carrots 4 med English Potatoes 2 large Sweet Potatoes 3 stalks Celery About 15 Green beans Thyme 1 very large Onion Curry or Cumin Salt Water

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Clean and season chicken overnight. Done with paprika,salt,cumin/curry and bajan seasoning(if you have it) Cut potatoes(English and Sweet) into the size you want Slice cabbage, onions, celery, green beans. Add some olive oil to a soup pot and heat on medium Add chicken and some of the onion and thyme,cook on each side for 6 mins Add enough water to cover what's in the pot and bring to a boil Add english potato 6 mins later add sweet potato,carrots and celery 6 mins later add green beans Stir and cover. Check in 30 mins. Add herbs and spices as you wish. Cook for another 20..don't allow vegetables to become too mushy