Italian Wedding Soup (Escarole Soup)

Making the soup! Submitted by Danielle's Famly Italian Wedding Soup!
Making the soup! Submitted by Danielle's Famly Italian Wedding Soup!
Escarole Soup, or better known as, Italian Wedding Soup is a delicious soup! I really hope you enjoy it like my family does! It is our favorite!


About 20


4 heads of Escarole (can use spinach if wanted too) 4-6 48oz cartons/cans of Chicken Broth 2 lbs of Ground Beef (can use any ground meat you choose for meatballs) 8 eggs Grated Cheese salt/pepper

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Clean very well the heads of Escarole (removing any sand or anything else)then in a stock pot or large pot with a little water on the bottom about 4 cups, steam the escarole for about ½ hour or until it dark green and close to the bottom. While it is steam prepare ground meat into little tiny meatballs (should get about 100). After the escarole is steamed, pour in the cartons/cans of chicken broth and let it cook, while cooking/ready to boil place the tiny meat balls in to cook in the hot broth. After it is ready and right before you are to serve, beat the 8 eggs in a bowl like you are going to make scrambled eggs and pour into the soup taking a wooden soup and mixing the beaten egg through out the soup and pour some grated cheese and serve. Makes a large pot for a lot of people. Leave grated cheese for others to added more to their own soup! You can scale down the amounts to make less for a smaller family or add more to make more! We make this for our Italian/American Thanksgiving Dinner and it is everyone's favorite! Serves about 20 people!!