Fantastico! Is it Soup yet?

Fantastico. Delish Soup! Submitted by How Sweet It Is!
Fantastico. Delish Soup! Submitted by How Sweet It Is!
This amazing soup is very satisfying to the palate. Tempting for more than one serving. The amazing aroma covers your kitchen! You have traveled to a kitchen in India! Soup is called "rasam". Wow you have just learned a word in foreign language! Mmm It's delish! Try it you will love it I guarantee!


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3 cups of yellow lentils 6 fresh ripe tomatoes 3 fresh curry leaves 2½ tablespoon of cayenne powder ¼ teaspoon cinnamon powder ½ teaspoon cumin powder ½ teaspoon coriander powder ¼ teaspoon fenugreek powder ½ inch of grated fresh ginger ½ teaspoon mustard seeds ¼ teaspoon asofoetida powder ½ cup of chopped fresh cilantro ¼ cup of unsweetened coconut 3 lemon slices for garnishing (optional)

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Add 3 cups of lentils with 4-6 cups of cold water in pressure cooker Add 1 teaspoon turmeric Add 1 teaspoon oil (helps lentils to cook faster and not boil over lid) Cover pressure cooker and let it cook for approximately 10 – 25 minutes until lentils are soft. Use the whisk or hand blender to make the lentil mixture a smooth consistency. Add two to three cups of water. Add the curry leaves, tomatoes and salt to the mixture. Next add the cayenne, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, fenugreek and grated fresh ginger. Continue to boil for about 25 minutes. Reduce heat. Next in a small pan add two teaspoons of oil. Add the mustard seeds. Cover (to prevent them going all over the floor!) When they start to splutter cover pan and turn off heat. Wait until the spluttering subsides then add asofoetida. Pour into tomato mixture. Pour entire mixture into a medium casserole dish. Garnish with coconut and fresh cilantro. Serve as soup or over rice. May be also served cold on a hot summer day with lemon slices!