Southern Cornbread Salad

A spicy comforting taste of the south all in one bite. This is the best salad I have ever had. Day old cornbread works best.




4 Tomatoes diced 1 white onion diced 2 green peppers diced 1 jalapeno diced 1 lb smoked bacon cooked very well and crumbled 1 cup mayo 2 Tbs sugar ½ cup sweet pickle relish salt and pepper 1 ten inch round cornbread cooked and diced

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In a ten inch cast iron pan cook the cornbread as per instructions. Allow to cool. When the cornbread cools dice it into one inch squares. In the food processor dice each of the veggie ingredients in small batches until the ingredients are lightly diced. Mix mayo, sugar, salt, pepper, and pickles. Cover diced veggies mix with the mayo mix. Add diced cornbread and bacon and allow to sit for 2-3 hours.