Orzo Salad with spinach, arugula and tomatoes


Two (2) cups of dry orzo Two (2) cups of baby spinach, loosely packed Two (2) cups of arugula, loosely packed One-quarter (1/4) cup of extra virgin olive oil (or enough to coat the orzo) One-quarter (1/4) cup of balsamic vinegar (or enough to taste) Two (2) cups of grape or cherry tomatoes Pepper to taste

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1.Cook the orzo with salt per the manufacturer’s instructions to an al dente texture. 2.Rough chop the spinach and the arugula and set aside 3.Cut the tomatoes in half and set aside 4.Drain the orzo but DO NOT rinse it in cold water 5.Put the orzo in a bowl and coat it with the olive oil 6.Mix the spinach and arugula with the warm orzo. Let the heat of the orzo cook the spinach and arugula. 7.Mix in the tomato halves. 8.Coat all of the above with the balsamic vinegar to taste.