Reduced white wine tarragon cream sauce with bay scallops


Yields 8 - 10 servings


1 - 2 tblsp o' real butter (sweet cream salted works best) 4 tblsp o' extra virgin olive oil 1 pint heavy whipping cream 2 - 3 shallots chopped 2 - 4 fresh garlic cloves chopped fresh lemon juice FRESH tarragon (not dried!!) 1 pint bay scallops with scallop juice set to side 1½ - 2 cups o' a Riesling semi- sweet white wine. Salt to taste 2 lbs FRESH fish, filleted boneless and skinless.

Nutritional information

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Directions: Put olive oil in pan and sauté chopped garlic and shallots until translucent. Add wine and clam juice to pan and a couple o' leaves o' the tarragon. Reduce liquid by half then add the 1 pint o' heavy whipping cream. In a separate pan, sear scallops with a tad bit o' butter and fresh lemon juice to taste. After scallops are seared, add scallops to pan with wine and cream sauce mixture. Add 8 - 10 more tarragon leaves by tearing them in half or thirds. Let sauce simmer for 8-10 min then add a tblsp or two o' corn starch to thicken sauce to yer own liking. Let sauce stand 5 min before pouring over yer fish or other seafood that ye have baked. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!