Pork Steam buns


Filling: 1 - 8lb pork shoulder 3 eggs 1 bunch Scallions (thinly sliced) 1 bottle of sweet & spicy BBQ sa. cracked salt cracked pepper 1 bag of pecan wood (chunk or chips) Dough: 1 package active dry yeast 1/2 cup warm water 1 1/2 cup cake flour 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 3 tablespoons sugar 1/2 tspn baking powder 1/2 cup warm milk 1tbsp coconut oil

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Pork Prep: although a lot of people do it, do not cut off any fat. The fat will act as a good flavoring source during cooking period. Now, add cracked salt and pepper to one side of your pork (do not be shy with the salt and pepper)and press the salt and pepper into the pork instead of rubbing it. Once both sides of the pork is covered in salt and pepper, wrapped the pork shoulder in saran wrap and let sit over night. Take pork out of frig and let sit (about 30 min) to bring to room temp. During that time get your smoker started and bring to 250 degrees F. Make sure you have your water pan inside the smoker. Once temp is @ 250 degrees F, remove saran wrap and smoke the meet for 12 hours adding wood (as much as needed) for the first 3 to 4 hours. Check pork temp halfway thru the smoking process and then checking it periodically. The pork is done when the internal temp is at 145 to 160 degrees. If the internal temp starts to get hotter you risk drying out the pork. When pork is done smoking, take it out of smoker and let sit for 10 - 15 minutes to let the juices settle. After pork has settled, start pulling the pork apart little by little discarding the fat from the meet (caution: pork will still be hot, make sure not to burn fingers). After pork is completely pulled apart add the BBQ sauce to the pork leaving about 1/2 cup extra at the end. In a skillet, cook eggs (scramble) and the thinly sliced scallions. When done add in with the pork until well mixed. Dough Prep: Add warm water and yeast to small bowl and set aside. In large bowl, whisk flour, sugar and baking powder together. In the middle of the bowl create a crater in the middle of the ingredients and add warm milk, coconut oil and the active yeast. Work the dough until it becomes shaggy. Now place the dough on a floured surface and knead the dough until it becomes smooth and soft (5 to 10 minutes). drizzle coconut oil into a bowl to which you are going to place the dough flipping to make sure both sides of the dough is lightly coated. cover bowl with saran wrap and let sit for 1 hour. After the 1 hour has passed unwrap the bowl and you will notice the dough has doubled in size. remove dough from bowl and roll it into one long rope. After rolled you should be able to cut the dough into 12 equal pieces. Using a rolling pin flatten each piece of dough until they are about 4 inches in diameter leaving the center slightly thicker. Now take a big tbsp. of the mixed pork and place in the middle of the 4 inch circles and pinching the tops of the dough to seal the buns. Place each bun on a cut out piece of parchment paper about the same size of each bun (4 in). Bring a bamboo or steel steamer to a boil. Then place the buns with the parchment paper attached to the bottom to the bamboo or steel steamer (3 to 4 buns per level). Allow to steam for 3 to 5 minutes. Once steamed, drizzle the left over BBQ sauce to the tops of the pork steam buns. Then enjoy!