Maria's Temptation Bananas

Melt in Your Mouth, Divine Sweetness with a KICK!




12 Bananas ½ Stick Butter ¼ Cup Orange Juice A Good Shot of Tia Maria or Grand Marnier or (other Favorite Liquor) ¼ well packed Brown Sugar ½ cup White Cooking Wine 3 shakes Cinnamon 4 shakes Fresh Ground Nutmeg 1 shake Salt

Nutritional information

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Place all ingredients in pot on top of stove (or can Microwave in large measuring cup covered loosely for 3 minutes at a time till thickened) Peel All Bananas place in large oven proof container, cover with sauce. Put in 350 degrees oven for 35 minutes, spoon sauce over every now and then. Serves great with Cuban Arroz Con Pollo.