Healthy Quinoa with Garden Carrots

This is an easy, very fast recipe that is tasty. Quinoa is very high in protein and fiber.




1 cup of Quinoa 2 cups of water ½ cup of red wine 1 cup fresh cranberries, washed ½ orange sliced, peel removed ¼ orange with rind in the Cuisinart with the rest of the carrots Salt to taste 5 large carrots scraped and sliced with Cuisinart thinner blade or sliced somewhat thin. Handful of raisins 2 teaspoon of organic sugar

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Put altogether into the pressure cooker or pot. Cook in your Cuisinart Pressure Cooker on high pressure for two minutes in, when timer goes off, then wait 10 minutes, release any remaining pressure. If you don't have a pressure cooker, then cook using the Quinoa recipe which is about 15-20 minutes for this dish on the stove.