Grilled Salad

Refreshing warm grilled salad with grilled lemon


1 Romaine Lettuce 1 Whole Onion skinned 1 Green Pepper halved remove seeds 1 Red Pepper halved remove seeds 2-3 Whole Tomatoes 2 Lemon halved 1/3 cup Olive Oil Salt and Pepper

Nutritional information

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Rinse all vegetables in large bowl add olive salt and pepper. Leave all vegetable whole except green and red peppers. Toss all vegetables and lemons in olive oil. Place all vegetables and lemon halves on hot grill. Reserve olive oil in bowl. Grill vegetable until tender not soft, dark spots and grill lines are great. Remove bottom root from lettuce coarse chop all vegetables squeeze 2 lemon halves in bowl and toss completely coating with juices. Save the other 2 lemon halves for garnish or extra grille lemon juice. Serve immediately warm. Have it cold the next day.